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How do you get 99?


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I've played since at least 2000, on and off and always for the fun factor - every once in a while i do things that i really really don't want to do - usually quest requirements like Agility.So anyway, to my point. In my eleven years of playing RS i am still yet to achieve a 99, i have a 98, 97, 95 93 but never a 99. I get bored right before i can finish it off, usually distracted by some other random goal i set for myself.So .. how do you do it?In the words of the Cadbury's Creme egg "How do you get yours?"

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Once you get really close, it can really be hard to finish it up.

If you can't stay focused on it once you get close to the end, there are a lot of methods you could try. Here are some below:

[*]Wait until a double XP weekend to speed it up

[*]Instead of trying to do the skill straight through, always spend at least an hour each day or week on the skill. It might take a lot longer to get there that driving straight on, but it won't take forever.

[*]Don't forget to use your assists every day for the skills you have over 91 that are assist-able. You can get all the way to 99 just on those assists if you really hate working the skill.

[*]Find other ways to train the skills you don't like such as combining with other activities such as Dungeoneering or use distractions and diversions like circus for agility or penguins for runecraft.

[*]Try using alternate methods to train the skill, just because a lot of people get to 99 doing things a certain way doesn't mean you have to use the same method. IE, you could fish rocktails in LRC, Monks at Piscatoris, lobsters anywhere, barbarian fishing, trout/salmon, etc. You get the idea. Every skill has alternate methods to train it, you just have to find the one you like best or rotate between them to keep from being bored.

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For me, I usually just focus solely on that skill. Take my current 99 goal, Ranged. I've let it sit at 96 for months now and finally, with the return of the bxp weekend I decided enough was enough and I went out to get it.Instead of distracting myself with anything I set my mental goal to be 99 Ranged and I've been working at it. Currently 500k away. Yeah, I get bored and want to get off or hang with friends or something but the Goal comes first :]

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