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02-Sep-2011 - Bonus XP Weekend - 9th to 12th of September


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The next Bonus XP Weekend will begin at 12:00 BST (midday) on the 9th of September 2011 and will end at 12:00 BST (midday) on the 12th of September 2011.

Whether it’s stocking up on rune essence, collecting potion ingredients, planning the perfect Dungeoneering party set-up with your friends or just looking forward to a relaxing weekend of Fishing, now is the time to prepare so you’re ready to make the most progress possible.

Once the Bonus XP Weekend begins on Friday the 9th of September, the XP modifier will come into effect for all members. The modifier will begin at x2.7 the rate of XP you would earn from standard training activities, and will drop to a new multiplier every 30 minutes of game time. The table below should help with any preparations you want to make:

Game time (mins) XP Multiplier Up to 30 x 2.7 30-60 x 2.55 60-90 x 2.4 90-120 x 2.25 120-150 x 2.1 150-180 x 2.0 180-210 x 1.9 210-240 x 1.8 240-270 x 1.7 270-300 x 1.6 300-330 x 1.5 330-360 x 1.45 360-390 x 1.4 390-420 x 1.35 420-450 x 1.3 450-480 x 1.25 480-510 x 1.2 510-540 x 1.175 540-570 x 1.15 570-600 x 1.125 600+ x 1.1 The ‘XP’ button will change to ‘XP+’ when the weekend begins, tracking how much XP you rack up over the course of the weekend. It will also have a tooltip to show you what your current XP modifier is.

As before, Summoning XP will be boosted by a set percentage of 10% over the course of the three days; all other skills will follow the schedule noted in the table above.

For further details of which actions will and will not be modified by the Bonus XP Weekend, and for more information in general, please read the Three Cheers blog.

Mod Fetzki

Head of RuneScape

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