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Thunder's Back!


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Hello friends,I'm back with the TRR again. I've been extremely busy the past few months with finals, 3 sports, ROTC looks, and school. I have a few months to breathe right now, and I'm rejoining the TRR. For those who don't know me, I'm MrThunder!First, I fail at 99 skilling. I always get distracted by another skill, and my WC, Mining, and fishing are semi even. I am currently going for 99 fletch though.I love house parties, and some of my fondest TRR memories are the good old House Party/Star Mining expeditions we all used to do. I have a sizeable house, and if anyone would like to do one sometime, I'm in!I really suck at combat, (my Cmbt lvl is 56,) so if you don't mind, I might be sitting out on some of our wars. :|Look forward to seeing you all around!

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