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LOL Squad/funny logs again


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03[12:36] * MusclePirate (~MusclePir@Swift-D071644B.dsl.telepac.pt) has joined #TLoL03[12:36] * ChanServ sets mode: +v MusclePirate[12:36] <+[iM]RuneScript> *** [ 7CLAN ]: 7Musclepirate is in 7The RuneScape Rebelz | Members: 0770 | Average combat: 0793.23/0798.7 | Links: 7http://rly.cc/ml/thersrebelz :: 7http://therebelz.invisionzone.com[12:36] <+[iM]RuneScript> *** [ 7OVERALL ]: [7Musclepirate] Rank: 07623,104 | Level: 071,474 (Avg Lvl: 0758.96) | Exp: 0715,020,455 (P2P: 07911,982 xp | F2P: 0714,108,473 xp) | Combat: 0794.8 (F2P: 0790.3) [7Melee] | Combat Pct: 0732.56% (074,890,628 xp)[12:36] <@Fergal> hi[12:36] <@Fergal> So Ozzeh[12:36] <@Ozzeh> ALIATH GOT BLAC KOS[12:36] <@Ozzeh> BLACK OPS[12:36] <@Ozzeh> GOTTA GO[12:36] <@Fergal> You went apeshit last night over this, now I get preped before I go and start it.[12:36] <@Fergal> WAIT.[12:36] <@Fergal> And now your saying I dun has to do it >.<[12:36] <+MusclePirate> hy[12:36] <@Ozzeh> I didn't go apeshit[12:37] <@Ozzeh> I got mad[12:37] <@Ozzeh> but[12:37] <@Ozzeh> Hi Muscle.[12:37] <@Fergal> I can get logs, lol.[12:37] <@Ozzeh> I didn't rage[12:37] <@Ozzeh> I left[12:37] <@Ozzeh> but I didn't rage.[12:37] <+MusclePirate> xdan is girl or boy??01[12:37] <@bgs1977> boy[12:37] <@Ozzeh> Boy.01[12:37] <@bgs1977> but a confused boy01[12:37] <@bgs1977> bicurious[12:38] <@Fergal> You raged, then left, then came back into IRC on just #Rebelz. Then left shortly after. L[12:38] <@Ozzeh> lol'd[12:38] <@Fergal> lolz bgs[12:38] <@Ozzeh> I had to go[12:38] <@Ozzeh> O.o01[12:38] <@bgs1977> One, it's true01[12:38] <@bgs1977> Two, Dan can't hate me anymore than he does now[12:38] <@Fergal> brb01[12:38] <@bgs1977> k[12:38] <+MusclePirate> lol[12:38] <+MusclePirate> why do u say that bgs?01[12:39] <@bgs1977> Oh, I've been around him a lot when we used to fight over Lorena.[12:39] <+MusclePirate> fight over lorena??[12:39] <+MusclePirate> they are friends??01[12:39] <@bgs1977> Oh no.[12:39] <+MusclePirate> lol06[12:39] * @Fergal facepalm[12:39] <@Ozzeh> lol @ refer a friend deal01[12:39] <@bgs1977> He's in a constant abusive relationship with her.02[12:40] * +Wille_ (~Wille@Swift-E12639E7.bredband.comhem.se) Quit (Ping timeout)[12:40] <@Ozzeh> I'll just make a new account[12:40] <@Ozzeh> not too hard.01[12:40] <@bgs1977> I got out of it, he's still stuck in it.[12:40] <+MusclePirate> since the beggining I thought xdan were a girl[12:40] <@Fergal> Ozzeh01[12:40] <@bgs1977> Easy mistake to make[12:40] <@Fergal> You need to get p2p in the first 2 weeks[12:40] <+MusclePirate> I asked for a pic and he sended me a pic and said it were a girl[12:40] <+MusclePirate> -.-[12:40] <@Fergal> =P01[12:40] <@bgs1977> He is pretty feminine[12:40] <+MusclePirate> lol[12:40] <@Ozzeh> srsly ferg?[12:40] <+MusclePirate> wen he toldme he were a boy I got my heart broken... :D[12:40] <@Ozzeh> -.-01[12:40] <@bgs1977> what01[12:40] <@bgs1977> o-o[12:40] <@Fergal> mhm[12:40] <@Fergal> Oh god[12:40] <@Ozzeh> i lol'd muscle[12:40] <+MusclePirate> now Im done B)01[12:41] <@bgs1977> You had a crush on Dan when you thought he was a she?[12:41] <@Fergal> He sent you a pic of a hawt girl didnt he?[12:41] <+MusclePirate> yeah06[12:41] * @Fergal headdesk[12:41] <+MusclePirate> yeah01[12:41] <@bgs1977> Send me the pic[12:41] <@Fergal> lol01[12:41] <@bgs1977> I'll see if it's a real girl01[12:41] <@bgs1977> Or a girl he Googled[12:41] <+MusclePirate> a pic taken in the bathroom mirror.... 0_=[12:41] <@Fergal> O.O01[12:41] <@bgs1977> Show it to me please[12:41] <@Fergal> Show[12:41] <+MusclePirate> I dont have the link...[12:41] <@Fergal> what did it look like[12:41] <@Fergal> :o[12:41] <+MusclePirate> but look a thing01[12:41] <@bgs1977> Did she have clothes on?[12:41] <@Fergal> I think I know what happened, lol..[12:42] <+MusclePirate> look[12:42] <+MusclePirate> stop talking Ill explain[12:42] <+MusclePirate> wen xdan uploads pics they come from a site i know[12:42] <+MusclePirate> and the pic link were from that site[12:42] <+MusclePirate> so I think he got a picture and uploaded to trick me...[12:42] <+MusclePirate> but I dont know the link[12:43] <+MusclePirate> Ill upload the pic and send u01[12:43] <@bgs1977> Do you remember what the site was called, partially?[12:43] <@Ozzeh> $5 says it's a pic of Loren.01[12:43] <@bgs1977> ok ty[12:43] <@Ozzeh> $5 says it's a pic of Loren.[12:43] <+MusclePirate> no[12:43] <+MusclePirate> well[12:43] <+MusclePirate> saying that..[12:43] <+MusclePirate> It maybe from lorena the pic...[12:43] <+MusclePirate> Ill upload it and send you[12:43] <@Ozzeh> lol.01[12:43] <@bgs1977> okay, ty[12:43] <+MusclePirate> just w8 a few secs01[12:43] <@bgs1977> k[12:44] <+MusclePirate> uploading....01[12:44] <@bgs1977> k[12:45] <+MusclePirate> link[12:45] <+MusclePirate> http://img821.imageshack.us/img821/6950/xdan.png01[12:45] <@bgs1977> nope, not Lorena[12:45] <+MusclePirate> ohhh[12:45] <+MusclePirate> ok06[12:45] * @bgs1977 wants $5 from Ozzeh[12:45] <+MusclePirate> so check if its google[12:45] <+MusclePirate> lol[12:45] <@Fergal> right.[12:45] <@Fergal> Fuck thats pretty hawt[12:45] <@Fergal> xd[12:45] <+MusclePirate> but the pic is sexy xD01[12:45] <@bgs1977> yep03[12:46] * Davis|Away is now known as Davis[12:47] <+MusclePirate> whats 4chan??[12:47] <+Davis> ohellodere01[12:47] <@bgs1977> Oh dear01[12:47] <@bgs1977> If you don't know, you don't want to find out[12:47] <+Davis> ^[12:47] <@Fergal> Loooooooooooooooooooool[12:47] <@Fergal> Hi Davis[12:47] <+MusclePirate> lol01[12:47] <@bgs1977> Yep, he Googled it01[12:47] <@bgs1977> http://images.google.com/search?tbs=sbi:AMhZZiuKEJ7M3YDAJGuYJMEQub5UYT9azcbYlnseLrkHYin3y421xPPtE9LYcH2QAoPwYXEQxy1iJn9cA2mGO6a8ZO0_1XpAA6eeuhnX6vJsdhbTyEFASrVbT6P5we9jHM7ys4-URgNUW2cX-_12GUjnEHMtEM8vFpK2DEqvG_15pNcSBvPjLbB_1oVZoScUvQLW7tbboTWwNUW7WXjv5DFiRTFlapjxQ9nWI1i0A1M21Kr_17GJDahcqqKNqt_1k2BbtrXJ-JZsXi29gbUusAxzzxRIKYSGnYLglp_16N4spLOukFlB2rAZXuo3iJ3p2CE4fQG7MEogbuPhs5e1Xj17apjofihH1FZDFTmydO5lLqomHKH2CtYDslgQnH8bFp6SvCTDDbxygXwMiw7ejB0IFcdFpkK_1-R8y8r5pAv4PDUWXcrAQEkR-Few9xLEL7KWW2gpR9uRPLzhlo7vOJRTOOy6iQutnyMXfUruVXJyYzeCGU0fIYYlM4VP3mL89eFMvgD82DcyWqZrhDAPgcv5zemNHcYAdzuOUDSVUdTnnnMwXmqkGZsThNjmDDC_1KEym-j_1kcNH1uz9H6G9CalkQiPXE8uiiTip0OCqHg7B1JNMaewrWXiJDLljJAVFJEobunQAK0qXNLI1vo6FAdbAydMHuSHHRBb9SOUa5Ly25Q7tZ0uG1njgLIX_1M1g1di4u7AsVAHBGt9h-jrT779aUCepsQZ48HX57Xs0VhYrgsvq8a2L41mfD53yQ1Qa1JKQI23Ebfok-hbePLhHn9bshAxK3vaG6jhXyJ6a68gv6ldzTPvL8bUB8MEt6VTrTHmZugFC3eZqBBahAcosuJZ-euOh41oKKijua29pUrnIeAFeq1L45caJQs_19SDEZmzGA89-cw98d1EW1PIIM-pl43x7LSBZRAtMl5HgdhFL4oJ6YOWhRipF4Rc4TxPwkSgCc6jtTwDEwBImJss4-wzSlwaPPdQkQ9eoSFtGf-m8FhLW58VwgTqCozh5dp5Ed06ERYmOaFnbY8siomVTbA8IZDoE_1u8OOJTAEPxANR5hXHWauRgsKgrz_12O8LFy8vyVzGsrWMCyCZREmwdfa4wMOYMIoDI_1Y60Z3GYuCsDcv2X6iUUDAHubF4pj2RWdBMg1rKdNUY0hu5G23rYacASnVNw403B-D92p-fzimcRZKRNSWpnwwI96Q6HsrELRUdoHv_1vm5wP5Na8KSJmzMuTktQUFkNu1aKGV2dbdN1YMJpZq04gTfLtGQmVG6nhe2NbR-TxPKBRNpk0uLeUoA0-aeeX6x72gVhs01Vw1LYIiXw&btnG=Search&hl=en&bih=900&biw=1186[12:47] <+MusclePirate> xdan says the pic is from 4chan...01[12:47] <@bgs1977> tada01[12:47] <@bgs1977> I believe it[12:47] <+MusclePirate> lol01[12:48] <@bgs1977> jeez that link is huge01[12:48] <@bgs1977> but yes[12:48] <+Davis> lol[12:48] <+MusclePirate> lol01[12:49] <@bgs1977> http://cdn2.dailybooth.com/15/pictures/large/4aa30f4119cce8a3765cc02bf3946517_17513039.jpg[12:49] <+MusclePirate> so explain whats 4chan01[12:49] <@bgs1977> another pic of her for you01[12:49] <@bgs1977> I can't even begin to explain it[12:49] <+MusclePirate> 0_0[12:49] <+MusclePirate> explain please 01[12:49] <@bgs1977> Hang on, I'll get a good onr01[12:49] <@bgs1977>

[12:50] <+[iM]RuneScript> *** [ 7YOUTUBE ]: Title: 074chan on Fox | Uploader: 7ExecutionKing (072007-07-27) | Duration: 0704:17 | Views: 07535,171 | Favorite: 074,346 (Likes: 073,924 | Dislikes: 07294) | Rating: 074.7211947 (074,218 ratings) | URL: 7
01[12:50] <@bgs1977> 4chan = Anonymous01[12:50] <@bgs1977> Fox News has a fair and balanced report[12:50] <+MusclePirate> ill watch the video..01[12:50] <@bgs1977> it's a good explanation[12:52] <+MusclePirate> so[12:52] <+MusclePirate> how did xdan got a pic from 4chan??01[12:52] <@bgs1977> He goes there, probably[12:52] <+MusclePirate> to the site or place....?[12:53] <@Fergal> BACK01[12:53] <@bgs1977> The site is the place01[12:53] <@bgs1977> wb[12:53] <@Fergal> 4chan being a place, lol[12:53] <+MusclePirate> lol[12:54] <+MusclePirate> the site is dangerous??01[12:54] <@bgs1977> apparently[12:54] <+MusclePirate> ok I wont check that site 0_001[12:55] <@bgs1977> alrighty[12:55] <@Fergal> Pfft.[12:55] <@Fergal> Even I have checked the site.01[12:55] <@bgs1977> How did you like it?[12:55] <+MusclePirate> ohh[12:55] <@Fergal> decent[12:55] <@Fergal> ;p01[12:55] <@bgs1977> did your dog protect you from the internet hate machine?[12:56] <+MusclePirate> -.-[12:56] <@Ozzeh> lolwut[12:56] <@Fergal> ^[12:56] <@Fergal> So Ozzeh[12:56] <@Fergal> Do I need to do those quests or not[12:56] <@Ozzeh> I'd like it if you did :)[12:57] <+MusclePirate> so bgs how did you found the pic??01[12:57] <@bgs1977> Reverse image search on Google01[12:57] <@bgs1977> http://cdn2.dailybooth.com/15/pictures/large/4aa30f4119cce8a3765cc02bf3946517_17513039.jpg01[12:57] <@bgs1977> One of them is the same girl I think01[12:58] <@bgs1977> http://dailybooth.com/OmgItsAundrea01[12:58] <@bgs1977> That's her pics and actually her[12:58] <+MusclePirate> ok...[12:59] <@Fergal> o.o

Haven't looked through this whole thing again, censor whatever you think you need to.

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