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Dont understand why this topic hasnt been made yet!Do you have any experience with free MMOs?Which ones do you recommend playing? Which free games are worth trying?Check out these~Free MMORPG:Runes of Magic - kinda a WOW rip-off, yet free, seems to be a good game, if you're into this kind of games.LOTRO, Lord of the Rings online - I've always been fascinated by Middle-Earth, havent tried this one tho, but never read any bad comments about it.Runescape - a browserbased mmorpg, you should try this game if you're into grinding a lot, because thats 80% of the game. But this game has so much to offer and is updated weekly. Definately something worth trying, been hooked to this game for over 6 years, playing on and off.Vindictus - violence at its purest form, havent tried it, read postive comments about it.Free shooters:Gunz - a matrix-style shooter, cool stuff if you're good at it.Need more suggestions!Please make this list bigger, share your experiences, I'll even make a list with games you definately shoul NOT play.*not sure if posted at the right place*leaders feel free to delete this message and re-shape it :)
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