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FC/CC Ranks Correlate with Forums


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Well, instead of having everyone either ranked as a recruit or admin in the chat, we're going back to the system where forums/clan ranks actually, you know, matter. I hope... REALLY... that this will motivate some people to actually apply for a rank. I mean, damn, we've had like 1 legitimate application for a rank in the last month. >.> I've had 5 member clans with more.

Anyways, here what it's going to look like:

Chat Rank - Clan Rank

Recruit - Rebel

Corporal - Established Rebel

Sergeant - Exemplary Rebel

Lieutenant - Diplomat/Event Coordinator

Captain - Moderator

General - Council/Warlord/High Council

Administrator - individual basis

Organiser - individual basis

Coordinator - individual basis

Overseer - individual basis

Deputy Owner - Clan Leader

Owner - Founder

This reminds me... it would be nice to have the High Council come back. Too bad we only have 2 Council Members and people just bitch about it and never apply. :C

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