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Armadyl Godwars

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Boss Hunted: Kree'Arra (Armadyl)
Number of Rebelz Present: 4
Rebelz In Attendance: MstrMonopoly, Nelson (Hybridinqq), Danielle (Swaffle), Tasty

Number of Bosses Killed: 23

2x Godsword Shards (split 2-way, split 3-way)
1x Armadyl Helmet (split 2-way)

Event Reflection
Dan, Nelson, and I all finished up with KC at the same time. Then my mom called me in to make some grilled cheese sandwiches for the family, so I went AFK while Dan and Nelson duo'd Arma and got a Godsword shard. After I was done making grilled cheese, I joined them and almost immediately got another godsword shard, this time off a minion of Armadyl. The trio of Dan, Nelson, and I lasted another 4-5 kills without much luck until Dan had to teleport. Nelson and I then duo'd. The kill after Dan left, we split an Armadyl Helmet, resulting in a cool 1.3m for both of us. This turned out to be the best loot of the trip. Nelson and I duo'd for another few kills until Tasty Pie showed up. During this time, I got a rune 2h sword off Arma, which is the first time I've ever seen one of those dropped off Kree. Once Tasty showed up, Nelson and I had basically run out of supplies, so we scraped together another 5 kills without any luck at all. Overall, it was a decent event - I made 1.7m between drops and addy bars off KC.

SwiftKit was being silly, so I was unable to get any pictures.


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sounds like fun :P



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Nice loot, better luck next time.And another thing is that, you only have good drops from minions, lmao....

T ranger101

T ranger101

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Sounds like a alright trip. Better luck next time bro's



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nice next time hilt hehe ;D



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Better lewts than we had at Bandos.

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