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Here are some money making videos to help you guys....These are P2P only guides.Enjoy :P1st methood Skilling:

2nd methood Collecting items:
3rd methood Combat:
4th methood Using Keys:This way sometimes can make you lose money, but if U do this many times you will have more chance of profit, and also have attencion to the prices of the keys, if they start to rise you might not be able to make as much profit....
There is some ppl that say and it is right.. you can lose money here but see this:http-~~-//www.youtube.com/user/BonblocHQ#p/u/0/v-OubIntVZwI'm doing some big posts with many many videos and guides, I'm having problems with posting directly the videos in the foruns so just in case the links are these:
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Is it too much of a request to ask for your ideas on the best F2P money making?

Merching is the fastest, but once you hit level 50 Runecrafting, the Great Orb Project isn't a bad idea either.

First to blake.. I will try to find some good guides and I will postMono I may get some guides about merch or flip because that makes realy good money for ppl that start investing with 30-50M..But now please delete your posts mono ebcause I whant this to have only the guides and no posts....
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