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I was about 10 hours in when I gave up and finally concluded that it just wasn't going to get better. It really took a lot for me to get to that point, too. Sad since I used to be quite the FF fan boy.Some of my friends that also played it (though who are far less picky than I and will play most games) told me that it does get better after like 15 hours. The thing is, though... No game should take 15+ hours until it's even playable. Video games are supposed to be fun.A lot of people enjoy FF13. It just wasn't for me.

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Demon souls!?!?!?! Try Dark Souls! (made by same people) really worth it! < if you did play Demon souls then you'll love Dark souls as well!



ONLY game I ever seen where it says on the back of the box: you are going to die!

****I'd also recommend Skyrim!****

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