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Forum Updates

Downloads and Uploads

Members are now able to upload and download files (such as pictures, videos, .psds, etc) directly on our site. Please note that this is NOT an image hosting site such as imageshack/photobucket; I don't want a shit-ton of useless stuff taking up our limited space. This is more for important files that can't be uploaded elsewhere. I will allow some images/screenies that are so epic that you want to share, though, since you're able to comment, rate, and view screenshots of files as well.

You can access the page from...

Posted Image

Please note that our primary skin, Venom, is not compatible with this modification. For the best experience, switch to IP Board. Once that's done, you'll see this...

Posted Image

It's all pretty self-explanatory.


Top Posters

Instead of clicking a link to view our forum's most active, they're now always listed right on the side of the forum! Hopefully it breeds a bit of good competition through forum activity. Just make sure things don't get spammy...

Posted Image


Team/Rank Icons

Thanks to Stuart (who deserves to be +1'd by all of you in the thread he did this in), we finally have team icons that match our forum! Here are some examples below:

Posted Image


Post Count Pips AND Team Icons in Profile

Since everyone loves watching pips increase as your post count goes up, I installed a mod that allowed us to have team icons AND pips. For some reason this never happens by default on any forum software, who knows why.

Here's what I'm talking about. The orange is a team icon, and the red is a pip bar.

Posted Image

On a related note, I updated the pips so there are more ranks. For those unaware, these are what appear above your team icon. The picture above lists mine as "Administrator," which is sadly unavailable to most of you. D: Everyone wants to have a lot of pips as opposed to a measly 4-5, after all, hence the additional ranks. Here's the new set up.

Posted Image

The main change is 5 more ranks. The actual names are up for discussion.

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