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Calling Photoshoppers


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Although I have photoshop, I don't have the font set required for our new group images (didn't see it listed anywhere, either). The PSD is uploaded and linked below, so I'll just tell you what I need done with it.1. Delete/change the background layers (white bg, gradient, and dark) so that the image is transparent.2. Delete all the text layers besides whatever one you want to use.3. Edit that text layer so that we have an image for every rank (listed below our users online; e.g. Founder, Clan Leader, High Council, etc...)Please note that I don't necessarily want anyone to freestyle/use their own font. I'd prefer that the included one be used (that's the only reason I'm not doing it), so it will be a very/easy quick job assuming someone has the font.Download here.

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I just meant that each rank needs it's own icon, so you'll have to edit the text to say Clan Leader, High Council, Council, etc. Edit the text to reflect the rank it's for, save the image, repeat for a different rank, save the image under something new, and continue until we have one for each rank.FounderClan LeaderHigh CouncilCouncilWarlordModeratorDiplomatEvent CoordinatorExemplary RebelEstablished RebelRebelApplicantClan FriendGuestBannedYou don't have to do Moderator, though, as I believe that's already included.

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