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  1. Hey what's up guys umm I've noticed the change in forum type!:oI have started a new channel..I know I posted one in my introduction/coming back topic but I deleted that one and made a new one which has Skyrim and Minecraft commentaries atm..just thought you might want to check them out and maybe comment/leave some feedback! Thanks.http://www.youtube.com/user/xStewyo?feature=mhee-xStewy
  2. Okay basically what happened is...i somehow have two accounts under one e-mail address. One of them is my proper account (xStewy) and the other is a random account I made for no reason. What has happened is that I have set a recurring membership for xStewy but since I stopped playing for months I forgot the password.I managed to change my password by going to account recovery! Whenever I log on to it I log on to my noob account instead of my proper account though!? It may be because the password for the noob account is the password I changed it to.. I don't know but does this mean I have lost my account forever!? is there any way of..y'know, fixing this and has this ever happened to anyone!?It's my fault but..im screwed.
  3. Thanks for the sub! :PMy new name is: Sehtayem
  4. Hey everyone! I think I'm back omg i forgot my password and umm, yep thats how that story goes.Umm, you've all probably forgotten me, few months ago i felt like a key member but i've sort of drifted away havent I.I'd like to apologise for my failure as a dedicated clan member even though i warned you guys I was taking a break! screeeeech.Sort of drifted away from graphics but if you guys still want me to conjure up some banners and sigs etc I'll try.I've got my new laptop which is nice I can finally play free of lag and I've started some let's plays for runescape here. It would be great to get the clan involved and get public! I'm kind of a failure at youtube though and could do with some viewing and subbing help *sigh* although I am back to runescape! My gaming time will be a bit less than previously and I've also made a new account which could maybe be accepted into da clan again???:3 meowThanks guys for reading this.YT Channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/STFUAndLetsPlay
  5. for duplication: get some scrolls, you can start with 10+ and it's fine...or even 3 or 2 equip the scrolls, go straight to whatever you want to duplicate.. and drop it. exit the inventory and they will all drop onto the floor in whatever number of scrolls you had.Note: good idea to duplicate alot of scrolls. then duplicate alot of potions etc for awesome gaming time!
  6. a girl who has a great personality+great looks. doesnt care too much about how people may judge her for what she does. independent. easy to speak to( always has something to say, quite the opposite of me actually) isnt stuck up and thinks she deserves the best. smart, i dont want a girl that thinks too short term either. i also plan on travelling the world in my lifetime sooo someone with a big suitcase too. someone who aims high in life.doesnt go for hairdresser or beauty involved jobs. dislike girls that cake themselves in make-up. understanding, patient, outgoing, passionate. friendly (but not too friendly) brunette probably. girls that use '' bby '' all the time annoy me :/. girls that talk about rugby/football are annoying as well, im not team involved and barely ever watch the games or know the teams i just play the sports. slutty girls are a no-no...i dont care how big your boobs are, who knows how many hands have caressed them
  7. yeah, i'll do it asap, ive been majorly inactive recently though...guess forumming isnt my main priority at this point of my life. sorry all! i will get it done eventuallllyyyyyedit: I have written it onto a post-it and stuck it on my board! i will constantly be reminded of your request
  8. I wish I could help but when I become leader of the world I'll give you this site for free.
  9. Nice find! Should be useful in the Media section. Should actually be moved over there.
  10. Here's your Pro-Chromatic Edit.
  11. Muscle, your request was moved to the completed request section.As for your signature, I can change the text no-problem! As for the dragon spitting fire, I require your patience. ~Stuart
  12. V1: V2(Animated): ~Stuart Noticed V1 is a bit different, can be edited if needed. And that glow on the inside bar can be removed.
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