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Need some quick help with photoshop.


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I'm a GIMP person myself. My images stay transparent on PS, but I don't use it enough to be able to tell you specifically what settings to adjust without seeing what you have going on. Sig is great though, should make some more with a bit added for recruitment purposes. B)

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I know, I'm still editing it, I just stuck a different version on here to see if it worked ok.And sure, as soon as I figure out how to stick a .psd file in here.

I've enabled our download/upload system and added .psd as an acceptable file type, so you just have to upload by going to our downloads page. The mod isn't compatible with our skin, so it looks as ugly as hell, but it should work. I don't know of where else you can upload .psd's. There's no place like photobucket/imageshack that accepts them.
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If you were having upload issues, it was because I forgot to add the "Moderator" group to those able to upload.I also realized the download button doesn't even appear in the Venom skin if you click on the file (there is one on the main list of all downloads). O_o Just change your skin to IPB Board and it will work.

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