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Well, the Awards system is here! Several medals have been added, so the system is up and running to the point of release. Over the next week MANY new medals will be added, so remember to keep checking back for updates! Also post any ideas for new awards you may have. We're also in need of medals if you have any on hand.


RuneScape Awards

Skilling Mastery

All skills 99 (already added)

Quest Completion

100% Completion (quest cape) (already added)

50 QP - Explorer (already added

100 QP - Adventurer (already added

150 QP - Master Adventurer (already added

200 QP(already added)

250 QP(already added)

300 QP(already added)

Combat Awards

80+ (already added)

90+ (already added)

100+ (already added)

110+ (already added)

120+ (already added)

130+ (already added)

Maxed Combat (already added)

Total Level Awards

800+ (already added)

1000+(already added)

1200+(already added)

1600+(already added)

1800(already added)

2000(already added)

2200(already added)

2400(already added)

Clan Awards

Rank Achievement (these stay even if you're promoted/demoted honorably)

EC (already added)

RT (already added)

Mod (already added)

Warlord (already added)

Council (already added)

Clan Leader (already added)

Rated Clan Wars Leader (already added)


50+ Posts

100+ Posts

250+ Posts

500+ Posts

1,000+ Posts (and so on +500)


$5+ in Donations (already added)

$20+ in Donations (already added)

$50+ in Donations - Harleystock (already added)


War MVP - The Drags Award For War Excellence

Tank Award - The Spoogan Award For Tanking

Wars Attended: 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.

IRC (all have CPL requirement of 10 or 15+)

500+ Lines - The Idler

1,000+ Lines - The Regular Chatter

2,000+ Lines - (do we need a 1000 AND 2000 posts one)

5,000+ Lines - The IRC Hero Award

7,500+ Lines - The Spamgasm Award

Clan Membership Length

2 months

6 Months

1 Year

2 Years

3 Years


5+ Referrals (already added)

10+ Referrals (already added)

15+ (already added)

MotY (already added)

MotM (already added)





Video/Photo Editing

Member has made TRR images/videos.

Miscellaneous Awards

Clan Citadel (don't know whether to sort into clan or RS)

Don't know how to really implement this. I'm unsure if we can track the resources by member.

Skilling Olympics (already added)

The Henry Memorial Award For Trolling (already added)

The Brenden McCormick Award For Douchebaggery (already added)


YOU are in charge of making sure you have the proper medals. In order to receive your medals, post HERE with PROOF that you deserve the medal in question. Council Members+ are capable of adding medals to your profile.

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