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Is Inglorious Basterds a Comedy? Drama?

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I have no idea why this movie is so highly rated / reviewed... It's average in my opinion. It's a fairly typical weird ass Tarantino movie, which is why so many hipsters must love it.


The trailers made it out to be some sort of sarcastic comedy. It had a few funny lines I suppose, but anything with that much death based on the holocaust or Jews in WW2 is going to have its "lol" limits... Plus it's listed as a Drama / War movie.


I really enjoyed Christoph Waltz, his dialogue was phenomenal. Everything else was just sort of "meh" though. Not bad, not great.


Does anyone have any thoughts? I remember leaving the theater confused as hell, and it wasn't because the plot was confusing.


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I think this movie is quite good, because it gives an other perspective to World War 2 movies. Can't remember that much of the movie, I remember this Nazi general being in a French house looking for Jews and I remember that Nazis caught by the ''good guys'' get their face smashed in with some kind of bat.



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I would class it as a comedy tbh, and it wasn't the best of movies. I liked it a bit I guess, but nothing I'd want to watch again.


Left my dad confused too, the start lends the movie to being an authentic portrayal of WW2, but then just completely converts to a half-comedy.



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I love this film.


Tarintino is a god.


You must be a Nazi David.



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I'd call this a black comedy. I like Tarantino, he has some cool movies, but in many of them, and this one in particular, I feel that the plot itself is not what make his movies interesting, it's more the dialogues, small scenes, etc. Tho this film is nowhere in the same level of pulp fiction or reservoir dogs.



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It certainly isnt Waterboy, so i give this film: elephant out of 5 banana's.

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