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Microsoft Reverses X1 DRM/Game Restrictions

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Interesting. They must have been getting an unreal amount of pressure; I know I could hardly believe all of the negative backlash I was seeing. It's a shame they've already done so much damage to their brand with this whole fiasco.


I remember Deathirst saying Sony had similar restrictions, albeit branded in a much better way. I wonder if they'll change anything now.


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At least they are doing something right, that's a bit better. Although, it is quite late now, most people have their eyes set on PS4, but perhaps, Xbox 360 fanboys will return. Only problem they have left is that charging €/$100 just won't work.



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I'm glad they've finally reversed a lot  of there DRM policies, but for a lot of people its far too little too late. Now people who were happy with the DRM changes and the push towards digital gaming are annoyed and the people who wanted it changed now want the kinect removed (which I doubt will happen). I'm not that concerned about the kinect, but if they do make it optional I think that will be a huge step in their favour as it should reduce the price a lot too.


As for Sony changing their policies, I'm not sure they will, for one thing not as many people know about it (I would have missed it if it weren't for the fact I was looking through everything for writing my article) and they seem to be a bit better than Xbox's.


Only time will tell though I guess, I'll probably stick to what I've done for every gaming console and wait quite a while after its released before getting one, heck despite being pretty much an Xbox360 gamer now it was only about 4 years ago that I got one (which would've been about 4 years since its release)



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a lot of people have already pre-ordered PS4 ;)


Microsoft is the better console, for maintenance and what not, looking at recent history :)


BUT PS4 is a wayyyy better console



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Microsoft is an American Company. This means they have better support and dev tools. They are also greedy.


Sony is a Foreign Company. This means their technology is too advanced for us to understand. They also have bad support, because nobody knows how to work the fucking console and fix problems. They are also not greedy



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