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What mmo?

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I gotta play an MMO, I've been so bored lately, after work and the gym I aint got shit to do. So I'm looking to get hooked on another MMO I played wow hardcore for like 4 years on and off (top of my battle-group yada yada yada no big deal cause the game sucks and is for care bears) but I have started character in SWTOR and RIFT a while back that I never level capped I just got bored and quit. So I was wondering, what do you fine people think is a great MMO to start playing? (You can say SWTOR and Rift if they've gotten better in the past 6 months). Im looking for hardcore PVP, hardcore PVE (lulz), and a good social experiences (guilds etc etc). 



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You already named the big ones that came to my mind. Haven't played anything else recently myself. I'm probably retired from MMOs until ESO comes out later this year (hopefully).


Nothing else out right now really captivates me.



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I heard Runes of Magic is pretty good if you like wow



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Just play league of legends.


Its not an MMO, but its constant "pvp" action, where you don't have to spend all your time farming items to enjoy the game.


You do technically have to waste time pre level 30 to "level up" but its time decently spent, you learn the game and its available champions, and their abilities.


If you are playing on EU-West servers, feel free to add me :  Disco Pangoon


Always happy to help someone new who wants to learn.




tl;dr try out league of legends, its a MOBA, but its addictive all the same - especially if you want constant "pvp" interaction.

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