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Skyrim Confessions Thread


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My confessions...

    [*]I never even started the Companion's quest line. [*]Never been a Werewolf. [*]I've only been like a stage 1 vampire after curing myself almost immediately after being infected. Wrote a guide on the whole of Vampirism anyway. [*]I've never married in Skyrim or even started the quest past the first amulet dialogue. Wrote a guide on it. [*]Haven't played a single second of any of the DLC despite owning it all (basically because of college, but whatever). [*]Never finished the Thieves guild quest line because that would mean giving up the Skeleton Key (which I've never used once). [*]Haven't experienced any types of armor other than Daedric and whatever you start with. Started power-leveling smithing for it almost instantly. [*]Haven't done like 80% of the quests people ask me for help with. 

There's definitely more I'm forgetting.

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[*]Never got my character to 50. If I say I have, I lied to you

[*]I've played on 10 different characters. 6 of those were Khajiits

[*]I play tag and hide and go seek with kids every time I'm in Solitude

[*]I change my outfits every day

[*]I always marry followers and take them on dates before I pop the question

[*]I like to parade around town wearing nothing so the towns people will comment on me being inappropriate

[*]I've been in one homosexual marriage with a Nord as an Orc. We had gay and extremely violent sex.

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That's pretty bad David, I mean come on, the Companion's were pretty good, finishing Thieves guild is awesome, and why the hell would you bother buying the other DLCs if they didn't start playing the first one? xD


I'm sure I have plenty of confessions, can't remember much, even though I have 2 50+ characters, lol. Out of what I have anyway, I'm sure none are from not finishing quests, I've done pretty much all of them aside from most of those really small quests that random people off the street give you.

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