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Do You Hear Your Voice as Higher or Deeper?


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When you speak, you hear your voice resonating around internally; this is in addition to externally, which is what other people hear. Since I'm sure most people have listened to themselves on recordings, does your voice sound deeper when you speak normally, as opposed to what it is in reality (what is on recordings and what others perceive)?

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Back when I was younger, my voice sounded a LOT lower to me. It was dreadful when I heard myself on recording and heard my squealing little kid voice. When I hit puberty, my voice sounded higher to me. Once again, I hated it when I sounded like some sort of monster on recording. At this point, my voice once again sounds lower to me and higher on recording, though the difference is smaller than it used to be. I've tried to get used to it, though the sound still makes my ears hurt somewhat.

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