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Recruiting Reflection


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Recruiting Event!

Well It was a pretty good turnout, all but one in our friends chat showed up! We picked up a few prospects, and marched single file through Falador, Draynor, and up to Varrock on world 93. We had a few people join our cc, Nintendo was the biggest prospect for a new member. (hopefully pwnu didnt scare him off :/) Kaiden got hit on, and asked if he would be somebodies gf, its too bad I didn't screen that! :) Capt was banging his head on the wall in Falador, which was pretty amusing!

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Waiting for everyone to show up, TRR ftw.

Thanks everybody for coming!!! Wootness was a blast! (look into getting auto typers)

I am planning on making this a weekly event. We might change the time and day, but still it would be a good idea.

Kaiden post screenies now plox :)

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The Runescape Rebelz army.

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Recruiting on the run!

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