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The Presidential Race


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I'm not from the USA, so this isnt interesting for me at all. I usually only read about the 'final voting' about who is actually chosen. In my opinion, Obama didn't do bad, didnt do great either. It's just that he was elected at a horrible time, economically. Don't know if he's running for president again, but he should stay president.

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I've always been curious how the elections are covered in other countries; does it get a lot of TV air-time where you live? It would seem odd to me because we virtually never hear anything of elections elsewhere.

Im from the Netherlands, so Dutch elections get TONS of media attention, so do Belgium, UK, France, Spain, Italy and German politics. USA election news only makes it to the telly when the actual run for president starts (republicans vs democrats) but then it gets HUGE attention as well, some news about the middle east or any other country as well. Lately a lot about Belgium.
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