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Staff Roll Call


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Okay so I want to know which staff members are still around, and what they're doing.

As I understand it this is how our staff is at the moment (feel free to correct me)



deadncrispy- though I haven't seen or heard from him since shortly after he joined.


Events Team

Labush- I haven't seen him for a while (and I used to log on around the same time) and I don't think he ever announced a winner for the October Skilling competition.



Jamie- I haven't seen or heard from her for a while.


Blue Speed- I have seen him around on the forums occasionally.



So if you are listed here, please post here or contact me, letting me know what your status is (whether your still around) and if you want to keep your position let me know what you are doing/are going to do as part of your job. I will leave this up for a while (a month at most) and after that point I will demote you and you will have to reapply for the position and I will make the position available for anyone to apply to  (not something I want to do, but seems like the only fair way). If anyone is in contact with these people could you please refer them to this thread.

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