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New World Record - Longest Video Game Marathon


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That is one energetic, enthusiastic gamer.

Awhile back I was thinking about going for the gaming marathon world record to raise money for prostate cancer awareness. At that time, this record was sitting at 108 hours; I was planning on 120. Unfortunately my plans have been destroyed, as an ambitious gamer by the name of Okan Kaya has recently set the new mark by going on a gaming marathon for a staggering 135 hours. Okan Kaya, an Australian gamer, played the recently released Black Ops II for nearly a week straight! Taking into account the allowed 10 minute breaks every hour, Kaya's record stands at nearly 4.7 days of gaming.

In other news, Nintendo has announced that they will not be developing any more Wii games. They plan on focusing all of their attention on the Wii U, leaving the Wii with only third party titles from now on. This makes sense, but other systems like the PS2 and Xbox had very long support windows after their successors' releases. This is by no means an official goodbye to the Wii, but one has to wonder how far the console will go without Nintendo's famous 1st party titles. Let's all have a moment of silence, and remember the signature words: Wii would like to play.

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We used to say the classic "We need a Wii"Tbf I reckon I could close to that record ;) just not on a shit game like blops 2 :P I'd rage at fkn thing in an hour

Yeah, on Gameinformer the record article only had 2.5 stars out of five; people were either saying he should play a proper game, do something more productive with his life, or visit a doctor to see to his health problems he probably acquired.

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