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Need Previous MotM Winners


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Apparently I need every previous MotM winner since October 2010, so... Yeah. I thought I backed up everything before April 2011, but that file is either lost or a figment of my imagination. Would be GREAT if you know ANY of the winners for those months. Oh, and what the last month was, so we know if we have to have elections again right now or not.June 2011 - BlakelingtonMay 2011 - TynisaApril 2011 - PinoyMarch 2011 - KaidenFebruary 2011 - January 2011 - ZeusDecember 2010 - October 2010 -

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I won in April I believe. Zeus was up there somewhere. January I believe. Pinoy won the month before Tynisa. Blexun won sometime in 2010, I can't remember when exactly..

Alright. But if Tynisa won in May, and you April, where was Pinoy? Did you guys have MotM for June?
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You're welcome. That's 6 of the 12 members of the month for 2010, although it hasn't been specified in the screenshot I took what months these people won. My bitter grudges can actually benefit you now, apparently.

Why would you be bitter? Obviously you'd have to be a MEMBER of TRR in-order to win MEMBER of the Year... Thanks for trying to help, though.
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