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Rags to Riches and Back Again: The Ballad of Blexun

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Gather my clan mates as I tell

the legend that is Blexun, a male

of Puerto Rican heritage, on his father's side,

who's fame and stories spread far and wide.

Although you may not want to, it's in your best interest

to hear this tell and get off of Pinterest.

The ending may make you cry and yell,

but all can learn from this epic tale.


We start our story in 2008.

Blexun has just started playing Runescape!

He's hooked and enthralled. He's having a blast!

But one can become bored of adventuring, alas.


So in the famous year of 2009

something happened that was most divine.

Blexun browsed Zybez, looking for a clan.

A fun, friendly clan fit for our man.

Dragging his mouse down the scroll bar

he stumbled an ad from TRR.


Yes, TRR. A clan most delightful.

A community clan that he thought was cool.

With Tragic and Illini leading the pack,

Blexun figured these guys will have his back.

So he wrote an application, now this is no myth,

with another famous member named Aliath.

After a roaches event with Nuggeh and Christine,

Blexun thought "Wow. This clan is the scene!"


And thus began Blexun's career most bizarre

in the clan known as TRR.

Blexun become known as a friendly man,

making multiple friends throughout the clan.

He became a friend to us all,

and knew the perfect time to share a lawl.

Even in ranks, Blexun didn't mull.

He was Events, Diplomat, and even Council.

On top of all that, he an avid forum user.

Not like all of those rule abusers.


Yes, this was Blexun at his peak.

A Leader rank, many thought he'd seek.

But alas, we all know how Nuggeh kills

when Blexun joined Mindmyskillz.

Mindmyskillz was a channel in IRC

where one can chat with joy and glee.

Nuggeh and Blexun used it for lulz and fun.

Surely, it was worthy to praise upon.

Sadly all good things will be corrupted

And so did happened when Isaiah showed up-ed


Isaiah, a Mexican, who's a bit of a troll

made Blexun laugh. On the floor he did roll!

And thus Blexun became indifferent about others,

regularly making fun of their mothers.

He cut off his friends, like Ozzy and Bgs.

The latter was a douche, but I digress.


Worst of all, Blexun stopped caring about the clan,

focusing more on the good times at hand.

He withered away with all the TRR legends,

a great man with noble intentions.

Blexun played behind the scenes with his lulz

until the creation of Elder Souls.


There he rose to importance again,

giving Skyrim advice, which the site would contain.

He helped David write articles most impressive

(which he'll get back on once school be successive).

Blexun even rejoined TRR, but as a community influence,

way too soon for him to start playing since

his Runescape days are starting to flee,

but he'll still play for the gp.


But probably his biggest achievement was the rank of GLOBAL MODERATOR,

which was changed to the less impressive title EDITOR.

Yes, this is Blexun as we know him well.

Could he fall from this success? No way in hell.


But we know the name of this ballad,

so prepare to make yourself a salad

of woe, tears, lettuce, and cheeseas a tell you the ending that won't appease.

Anarchy, the leader of TRR now

trusted Blexun like a prize winning cow.

Thus he made Blexun, with his sword and his shield

in charge of managing the Battlefield.This power please Blexun, and made him very charitable

even raching Fealty 3 at the clan citadel.

But the worse part of the story is on it's way



So there you have it, from rags to riches.

I hope this story has you in stitches.

Blexun used to be great, alive and well!

Now all that is left is an empty, emotionless shell.


TL;DR Anarchy took my ability to edit and initiate battles and now I'm angry.


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So this is what you've been doing instead of editing for the last 3 months. I don't even care, this was worth it.Really, bravo. Clearly you have a calc exam you're procrastinating for. I'll even give you, my Like arch-nemesis, a Like.



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Worst of all, Blexun stopped caring about the clan,focusing more on the good times at hand.He withered away with all the TRR legends,a great man with noble intentions.Blexun played behind the scenes with his lulzuntil the creation of Elder Souls.There he rose to importance again,giving Skyrim advice, which the site would contain.He helped David write articles most impressive(which he'll get back on once school be successive).

This part kind of reminds me of myself. I quit Runescape as well, but later joined Elder Souls, and am now Content Team.Well done, Blexun. You set an example for everything I want to be. Right when I think I've seen everything you have to offer, you come up with something new that keeps me entertained for a couple of minutes. I hope to one day be as influential and well known as you, but I know it will never happen.



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Could clack my balls together and they'd make a better story.Still love it though, my balls are just well trained.



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Thoroughly enjoyed this. And i just took a calc exam today actually. Also engineering sucks, I hate work.



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Fuck guys you are missing the moral of the story.And also, are you a masochist? Can't think of another reason why you would major in engineering.



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I just saw this under "Most Liked Content" and wanted to reiterate that I believe this is the greatest piece of literature ever produced.



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I just saw this under "Most Liked Content" and wanted to reiterate that I believe this is the greatest piece of literature ever produced.

You know I never did get back my clan battlefield privelages. Like what the fuck.



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The fact that I'm only mentioned once is a sham.

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