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99 Bonanza!


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Tomorrow September 1st there will be alto of people getting 99's. Anyone going?

Event details:

[*]Date: Saturday 1st September 2012

[*]Time: 19:00 GMT+1/BST (EST: 13:00, CET: 20:00)

[*]Place: By the entrance to the Grand Exchange, near the Cooking Guild

[*]World: 60 (members)

[*]Hosts: Man Bon and the Zybez Events team

[*]Friends chat: Man Bon

People getting 99's

Man Bon (Lemon bonbons) - Magic

MikeWasowzki (Mike Wazowski) - Runecrafting

Aragon - Slayer

Muckdonalds Muckduck (Murdoc) - Ranged

Velits (Velits) - Magic

Glimmergaunt (Domino Dice) - Firemaking, Woodcutting

Guardian Kez - Ranged

Tiring - Prayer, 120 Dungeoneering

0shiny zero (zatara) - Attack, Strength, Defence

DragonixRS (DragonixGamers) - Cooking

Redecous (Redecous) - Agility

V oO D00 (Orcun) - Strength, Agility

Ket-Fire end (KetFireEnd) - Dungeoneering, Firemaking, Woodcutting, Attack, Defence, Summoning

Macesly (Deathstryke007) - Magic

Raritee (Rey_Ferrier) - Prayer

D 22 - Smithing, Agility

Mr Hatchie (Misfit Snooks) - Magic

Zoomeneering (Dakk.) - 120 Dungeoneering

RaJaredHilu (RAJAREDHILU) - Runecrafting

Jimdm3 (Jim) - Cooking

M0NGER (Octavio_Perez) - Defence

Dr Destiny (Destinyownz) - Construction

nap0 (pedro099) - Cooking

Angacam1 (Angacam1) - Herblore, Cooking, Prayer, Summoning, Attack, Defence, Strength, Ranged, Magic, Woodcutting

5TL (5TL) - Magic

Onave (Onave Aledor) - 120 Dungeoneering

iqooo (iqooo) - Cooking, Firemaking, Woodcutting, Fishing, Runecrafting

Burd3n (Burd3n) - Magic

E L I A Z (Elias125) - Cooking

Bolter99 (bolter99) - Firemaking

Al Fight On (Big_Al_002) - Firemaking

Joey360 (joey3600) - Runecrafting

Elder Jr (Elder Jr) - Prayer

Vevota (Vevota) - Fletching

LongbowmanCJ (CJ the Longbowman) - Fletching

Fishing (j3ssica) - Herblore

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