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A small yet interesting challenge

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Unknown ProbLem

Unknown ProbLem

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I was looking around for around online for a question of mine, to see if Serana was a marriable character, but instead I ran into this.


The challenge is to make 25,000 gold and move into Proudspire Manor without doing a quest, slaying a dragon etc.

to make it simple, here is a basic copied list of rules from the page itself, good luck to any who try, and post below if you think you may want to try it, you could even make a blog on here to track your progress if you wanted to.

The rules

    [*]Start the game with no money, gear, or skills
    [*]Earn 25,000 gold to buy Proudspire Manor in Solitude
    [*]No quests allowed, unless they're completely mundane
    [*]Eat three meals a day, and get at least nine hours of sleep in a bed every night
    [*]No fast travel. If Olaf needs to get somewhere, he has to go on foot
    [*]Olaf can't cast spells or wear heavy armour. He can only use basic weapons
    [*]He will only ever kill another person in self-defence


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Seems a little bit lengthy for me. What are the main ways you'd get money? Gathering things in the wilderness?Sleeping would probably be the most annoying thing to keep track of.



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Seems pretty interesting, so I'll give it a shot. I'd have to start a new file as I'm already past my first dragon encounter.I'm guessing enchanting weapons isn't allowed? It says basic weapons, so I'm guessing I can't enchant one for soul trap.

Unknown ProbLem

Unknown ProbLem

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I sent a message out to the man who made it, and I'm awaiting a reply, I'll post whatever he says (If i get a reply) but I think it would be fun. I started this morning.



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This sounds interesting and certainly can be done imo. I've done something similar with two characters I've generated albeit inadvertantly. I usually don't attempt any quests or storylines until I have built my character to at least level 50 (60 in the case of my Main character). By then, I usually have more than enough loot to buy the manor. Enchanting stuff with Grands/Blackstar is a big help in generating funds.On a side note, I have never played the main questline in any of the Elderscrolls games. Don't think I ever will as they just don't interest me enough. Too many other fun things to do in-game like this challenge for instance :smile:

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