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Bandos GWD 6/18

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Boss Hunted: General Graardor
Number of Rebelz Present: 5

Rebelz In Attendance: MstrMonopoly, Peanut 1, Blexun, Kosher, Resurr3ction

Total Kills: 58

Godsword Shard 3
Dragon Dagger (p++)

Event Reflection
MstrMonopoly asked if anyone wanted to do Bandos. Peanut 1 and Kosher responded in the affirmative. So did Resurr3ction, who was going to the GWD for the first time. Blexun joined in later. At first, Peanut, Kosher, and I were in some nice world but then two dummies crashed us. So we hot-hopped to w39, where Bandos hit like 580 on Kosher so he ROL'd. So me and Peanut duoed for a couple kills until Blexun showed up and ineffectually slapped Bandos with his flaccid whip. Then Kosher came back and we were a four man. Around this time we got both splits Finally, Resurr3ction found out how to get to Bandos and he showed up with a whip and some sick-ass lobs. We five-manned for a while until Resurr3ction's lobs ran out. Around this time he got a torstol seed which was our best drop by far, which is sad. Then Blexun left to go to something, probably gay in nature. Then I ran out of food. Anyway, good trip in theory, what with the 58 kills and all, but the loot was unsatisfactory. That's ok, we had fun!~~~~

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dat lewt


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Carroll 1

Carroll 1

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very good write up. ethusiasm really comes through. its kinda sad though, i didnt make it for if i had to say 30-40 of the kills, and i ended up making about 400k-500k XD



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I've still never even been to God Wars. Good write up though, I enjoyed reading it.



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I've still never even been to God Wars.

Same, my reason being "I don't think I'm strong enough"

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