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New Character Build (lv 50 Stealth/Thief)

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Unknown ProbLem

Unknown ProbLem

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Level 50 Stealth/Thief:

Requirements: 100 Archery, 90 One-Handed, 80 Light Armor, 50 Sneak, 80 Pickpocket, 100 Enchanting

Personal Notes: I really didn't know how to put this together at only level 50, as most "stealthy" killing characters revolve around a bow and a one-hand such as a dagger. I wanted to invest into smithing along with lockpicking, but would require removing most/all of the actual combat stats. Could anybody help fix this


Helmet: Fortify Archery and Fortify Lockpicking
Chest: Fortify Light Armor and Fortify Health (with the perk distribution, Stamina isn't an issue)
Hands: #1 Fortify Archery and Pickpocket, #2 Fortify Carry Weight and Fortify Pickpocket, or #3 Fortify Pickpocket and Fortify Lockpicking
Feet: Fortify Carry Weight and Fortify One-Handed
Shield: None
Ring: Fortify Pickpocket and Archery, or something else.
Amulet: Same as ring

Perk Distribution: -Pictures will be posted at a later time, doing this by hand.
Skill Perks placed Total
Archery 5 Overdraw, 1 Eagle Eye, 2 Steady Hand,1 Power Shot,1 Quick Shot,1 Bull's-Eye 10
One-Handed 5 Armsman, 3 Bladesman, 1 Fighting Stance 9
Light Armor 5 Agile Defender, 1 Custom Fit, 1 Unhindered, 1 Matching Set, 1 Windwalker 9
Sneak 1 Stealth, 1 Backstab, 1 Deadly Aim, 1 Assassin's Blade 4
Pickpocket 5 Light Fingers, 1 Night Thief, 1 Extra Pockets, 1 Cutpurse, 1 Misdirection 9
Enchanting 5 Enchanter, 1 Insightful Enchanter, 1 Corpus Enchanter, 1 Extra Effect 8

(Extra link if the original doesn't work)

Health/Magicka/Stamina Distribution:
Value Health Stamina Magicka
Distributed 27 22 0
Base 100 100 100
Ending Value 370 320 100

Update*: Decided to remove all of magicka, as you technically don't need it, and if you level to 81, you could easily just level Alchemy and use that, provided you remember to make potions.


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I intend to make my next character something like this. From what I see initially, I think this is my favorite of your builds so far. I haven't looked at it perk by perk (will do this later as I'm slightly preoccupied right now), but they mostly look good. Don't think I would put anything in Magicka personally (my goal for the next build is to not rely on it), and for the general population 14 may be a bit much.

Unknown ProbLem

Unknown ProbLem

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alright, i'll probably whip it all into Health then, as with all the wonderful LA bonuses, Stamina isnt exactly "necessary" but just to have enough. I do want Smithing... somehow though. but Enchanting does need to stay because enchantments are of course a HUGE part in Skyrim.



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You could always pull some perks out of light armor if you want Smithing. Maybe some out of pickpocket. And yeah, no need for magic if you don't plan on perking (new word) in any magic skills.Definitely like how you set this one up. I'll probably look at it more and offer more advice. Great work.

Unknown ProbLem

Unknown ProbLem

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i like how one that i didnt feel like i put much time in, turned out the best, whereas the others which took probably too much time are flawed



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my character is a dark elf something like this. not quiet level 50 though. around 46 right now. havent played in a long time

Unknown ProbLem

Unknown ProbLem

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"Bump" edited the distribution perks, possibly something to take a look at to see if the changes were too extreme or not, or to get new opinion of other people as to ways to work around it.

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