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Boosting Armor, and Weapon, and Item Stats v2

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Unknown ProbLem

Unknown ProbLem

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Hello Everyone!

Yet another guide from Unknown ProbLem

A guide similar to this was published by our Global Mod. Blexun yet the method he mentions isn't exactly "stellar". This Armor, Weapon, and stat boosting guide is NOT for the feint of heart. This glitch, when done correctly, can make your enchantments and Tempered items reach astronomical levels. Currently after doing this glitch (I'm fairly certain it still works, I will take a moment to confirm it later) I have a "Legendary" Daedric bow that does 749 MILLION damage per shot, regardless of arrows.

EXTRA NOTE: I'm not 100% sure that this is related at all, but it may be possible with excessive use of this glitch for your Smithing and Alchemy to glitch and not work at all (Ex. normally tempering Daedric with the perk would make it (Legendary)) however the side effect may "reset" the skills yet keep the value at 100 so you can't de-level them. You've been possibly warned. Do in moderation and don't go too overboard, or don't use your main character for more than a couple enchants, etc.

If you value legitimacy, and fair play, this guide is NOT for you. Please do not bash this thread to anybody who views it as helpful, because as stated before, this takes a little time.

Okay, here we go.

    [*]80(100) Enchanting, with perks in: (5) Enchanter, Insightful Enchanter, and Corpus enchanter (Extra effect, is actually optional for this glitch, but helpful)
    [*]80 Alchemy, with perks in: (5) Alchemist, Physician, and Benefactor
    [*]100 Smithing, with perks in either (or both) sides of the tree (Heavy/Light Armor) along with Arcane Blacksmithing
    [/list]Also, a little tip, as posted in Blexun's guide as he makes excellent points (I don't claim credit to this small part, but to Blexun on his own guide)

    Requirement Tips
    Covering some short tips in gathering supplies and other things.

      [*]A Fortify Alchemy ring can be obtained by killing Nilsine Shatter-Shield in the quest Mourning Never Comes. Disenchant the ring if you need the Fortify Alchemy enchantment.
      [*]A Fortify Smithing ring can be obtained by killing Madanach in No One Escapes Cidhna Mine!. Disenchant the ring if you need the Fortify Smithing enchantment.
      [*]When you start enchanting, you are going to need a lot of gloves, rings, amulets, and head items. Make a habit of keeping any rings, amulets, and circlets you find while dungeon dwelving. Although I for one welcome our Thalmor overlords, I can't blame you for not liking them. However, their embassy can be a nice source of Thalmor gloves. Alternatively, you can craft cheap silver and leather items.
      [*]You'll need 4 Grand Soul Gems with a Grand Soul per set of Alchemy or Smithing gear. Azura's Star/Black Star can help you save money, but slow things down a bit.
      [*]For ingredients, your best bet is to make a run from Alchemy store to Alchemy store in search for ingredients. Keeping in mind what you need and collecting them while you are on your daily business isn't a bad idea, especially for the Blue Butterfly Wings.
      [/list]Alright, Now that the Requirements are basically out of the way, Onward to the actual guide!


        [*](obviously) Get all your skills and perks to what the appropriate requirements are and being to gather 4-5 Grand Soul Gems (This is all you'll technically need, unless you like benchmarks) and any set of armor (Helmet, Gauntlets, Chest and Ring and Amulet)
        [*]Find a place with both an Alchemy Table and Arcane Enchanter, like Dragonreach, or a player owned house (the best is Solitude, however Honeyside works as well)
        [*]To begin, enchant your set of Armor, aside the Chest (that's for later, the smithing aspect) and enchant them all with +25% Potion Potency (aka Alchemy) for a total of a nice 100%. you'll now have roughly 3 times the normal alchemy skill, due to Alchemist and your armor (adding 200%)
        [*]Switch from the Arcane Enchanter to the Alchemy Table and instead of messing with Fortify Enchanting potions, like mentioned in Blexun's guide, craft a Fortify Restoration potion. This potion says it'll make all Restoration spells cost X% less to cast, however, what it actually does is beef up enchantments, along with it's actual effect.
        [*]Right after drinking this potion, take your now "modified" armor and un-equip then re-equip it for a "permanent" increase to Alchemy. Rinse and repeat for dramatic results. (NOTE: Your armor will increase at a VERY fast rate, and within 4-5 potions should be around +3,000% Alchemy on each piece.)
        [*]For ease, if you have plenty of Grand Soul Gems lying around, you can make "benchmark" armor that has the modified Alchemy stat as it's base.
        [/list]Post Glitch Fun!:

        After you have your desired Fortify Smithing and Fortify Enchanting potions made, you can begin to create whatever you can physically imagine. For a list of ingredients, check my two other guides. To help decide which Enchantment seems right for you, also check out my Enchanting guide as well. Both will have links at the bottom of the guide, and now to explain some examples from my actual game!

        Example # Weapon/Armor Damage/Armor Value Effects
        Example 1 Daedric Bow 746,621,952 2,147,483,647(Max Value) 10,204,311 Fire Damage, 2,721,149 Second Soul Trap
        Example 2 Daedric Boots N/A 74,916,898 Carry weight +850,359, and Muffle
        Example 3 Daedric Battleaxe 464,433 446,333,920 10,204,311 Fire Damage, 2,721,149 Second Soul Trap
        Example 4 Ebony Mail 464,420 36,191,664 Same as normal, unenchantable
        Example 5 Daedric Helmet N/A 808,985,589 Magicka +17,007,184, and Magicka Regen +17,007,184%

        Also, I forgot to mention, when using a modified Smithing potion, you can technically temper to an infinite percent due to the Function/Equation used to calculate Tempering. The higher the smithing "level" due to the potions and armor, the higher the damage of your weapon. (this is considered "stock" or base damage, because it isn't influenced by Enchantments, but tempering and can be adjusted by armor enchants for +One hand, Two hand, and Bows)

        As you can see, the Values are astronomical, and if people would like to call me a fake, I can and will have no problem providing pictures of my Tv screen (sorry, no Capture Card) with said item.
        May not be as Detailed as Blexun's guide, however this is more simple and If anything seems unclear, please comment and i'll make changes where necessary.

        Enjoy your Enchanted gear!


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Would never have thought to do any of that with Fortify Restoration. I'll have to test this tomorrow. I sure wouldn't mind at least one pair of never-over-encumbered boots.

Unknown ProbLem

Unknown ProbLem

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Personally, out of everything, as i do regret some of the enchantments every once in a while, I'll never regret the boots xD it saves me time, and I can carry all my smithing gear etc. with me. Overall, pretty awesome to have a pair, lol. I have one last thing to add to this guide, but i'm incredibly unsure if this is a cause, etc.

Edit: Read the purple part David, This may make some sense as to my question that I asked upon joining the site



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Ahh, not a bad idea. Needs to be cleaned up a bit to match the quality of your other guides, but really good content.This can serve as the illegitimate way to raise your item's stats while mine will still be the legitimate way if/when this bug gets fixed.

Unknown ProbLem

Unknown ProbLem

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I admit i did somewhat rush this guide, just It isnt something easy to explain to anybody. Also, as far as i'm aware, Bethesda said that anything like that or even the Ohgma glitch wasnt to be removed because it revolves around player choice. So i wouldnt expect to see this go away anytime soon.

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