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Your Weapon's Name


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I want to help people find cool names for their weapons or if you have a cool weapon name please share it, Making names is easy, take letters from other tongues (Each word will have a meaning) such as the dragon word Dovah this is translated to Dragon, Using words like these (Normaly three) you can make a name that has meaning, My Deadric Hammer is named Dovahdrogal Dovah, Dragon_Drog, Lord_Al, Destroyer

I named My hammer this because it was the hammer i used to kill Alduin, in other words, it has a meaning,

You can have a name like that so if you have an idea of what you want I might Can Help make you a name

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Dragonbone helmet w/ breathing underwater = the CeolacanthDragonbone warhammer= Pique Abu the leadfilled snowshoe (because there a none of my favorite baby seals I use it to one shot the shit outa horkers (this a Frank Zappa reference of the album (') or apostrophe)I usually give them discriptive Gaelic names

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