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my character is a snow storm

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While leaving the blue palace in solitude, after completing the 'cry wolf' quest.. I was told I looked sick.. then shortly thereafter on the street the same thing was said to me by another. I decided to change view and look at my character.. whoa!! I had an ice spike stuck in me, and a full on blizzard going on.. but just on me.. wtf.. I visited the temple of the devines and was blessed by each deity in turn.. checking each time to see if the effect had been reversed.. no avail.. I returned to whiterun and visited the outdoor temple of Talos and received blessing.. still got the blizzard goin on..Sure it looks cool.. but I prefer NOT to be a walking dandruff commercial..anyone encounter this ?... is it something I missed, like one of the multitudes of msg's that flash on the screen while I'm kickin arse and takin names in the dungeons ??Thanks for your time.. and for this site..


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Don't worry, you don't have a disease or anything that has an effect on the game besides what your character looks like.

Assuming this is your issue:
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Try getting shot with an arrow in 1st person view. I've heard that removes them right away, otherwise it should eventually leave. If that doesn't work, changing armor/reloading might.
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If you are playing on the computer, click ~ the button above tab. Type in "sexchange" you will become a female, do it again and you will be back to your character with all graphical glitches solved.



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Yeah getting shot with an arrow or ice spike usually always clears that issue up. When I was a werewolf, I would just change into a werewolf then just change back to human. That would also remove the arrow or ice spike.On a side note, I had this issue while being a Khajiit. He made the funniest face when he got hit with the ice spike and his face was stuck like that until I got it removed.


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LOL it's quite the game.. alot of effort by the programmers.. Thanks for the help folks, the issue is resolved !

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