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What's your New Year's resolution?


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So, tell my what do you want to change in your life next year?On Runescape, I dont really have any goals, I think I want all skills to 70 covered in the next year and maybe another 99 combat stat :D I just want to keep enjoying this clan and the game.IRL I want to start working out 4 times a week again, currently, Im so fking occupied with school and some commisions I joined I never really got time, I want to start planning my stuff better so at least 4 times a week I can work out for about an hour or so to get in fabulous shape again :)So, any plans?

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mines all work related lmao-Get a new job (in a new area around the factory)-Get my Boss to pay for me to go back to uni for HNC-Either save for a deposit on a new house or Buy a new car (not sure yet)-Watch the UK win the Olympics-Go back to the Gym :D been bad over christmas ;p

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