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no skills/f2p money making!


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Alright first of all I apologize for the lack of pictures and videos, I typed this up to assist in passing time while training magic on the lesser demon in the wizard tower.But it is actually rather simple, first of all I would suggest have at least 11k to start with, if you don't have that much go kill chickens in lumbridge for a short period of time, as their feathers currently sell ~10gp on GE so it should be no time to get your first 11k, however the more money you have the more profit you can make (as is the curse of being broke irl as well)Just buy cowhides at the G.E, they currently sell for -5%:110 mid:114 +5%: 120 (i believe) but save same same amount of cowhides you have in gp also... fpor example if you buy 700 cowhides, save 700gp in cash.Now go to the al kharid bank, withdraw 27 cow hides and all your gp, and go talk to the leatherworker, he is right on the other side of the furnance, tan all your hdies into regular leather (they sell for more) go bank the tan hide, withdraw more cowhides... and do this until they are all gone... then go to the G.E and sell all your leather... I did 1k hides in about 45 minutes, and that was on a laptop using the lame built in mouse and texting... so you can easily do it in 40... maybe 35 if you reallllyyyyy focus...the leather sell for approximately 90-110gp more than nthe hides, that means in 45 mins you get a 75k profit... making it about 100k an hour... in f2p and not needing any skills at all... that is good money.

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