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Smithing Perk Question



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Joking. But seriously, I have a question that's been bugging me. I'm a Khajiit, specializing in Light Armor. I've been smithing a lot and got to wondering, should I take the Light Armor side of the tree or the Heavy?

At first I was considering the left, so I can make the armor that I will soon specialize in. Then it occured to me Daedric weapons are slightly better than glass, so I'd have to take the right side of the tree to get to them. If I do that though, I'll have to depend on finding the armor that I want to use, which I probably could, but I'll be making the high level armor long before I start finding it in dungeons. Either way I get access to Dragon Armor, so that's not a big deal.

So to sum it up, should I take the Light Armor tree, and make the armor that I want while settling for the slight weaker weapons (which is a big deal once I get into enchanting and improving), or should I take the right side and depend on finding the armor I need while being able to craft Daedric weapons?

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There's really no point in getting the light armor side imo. Light armor itself is pointless compared to heavy armor unless the look of it is more important to you than the bonuses. Then again, you can always just smith-boost ANY armor to the max bonus of 540 whatever so I guess that's moot.Really, though, you're right that you'll just end up finding glass armor anyway. Plus the dragon variant of light armor is the best in the game, and you can still get that perk by going up the heavy armor side.tl;dr heavy armor side ftw.

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