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conquest reflection


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event name :conquest

how many attended 3

who in trr attended the event destiny , crazycow, tomba

any special guests ? wasnt any

notes ok me tomba and crazy went to conquest i versed crazy first game took bout 30 mins and it started well for me but i was then down to my last 3 scouts and crazy won then i versed tomba and the same routine happened the bit that got me was crazy used a command to stop my next move so will need to plan when i can get him back the event was really fun although not many turned up it was still fun and will put it on again sometime

Posted Image[/b][/size]http://http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/5995/startd.jpg%20%20Uploaded%20with%20ImageShack.us

this was the beginning of mine and crazys game

[size="5"][b]Posted ImageUploaded with ImageShack.us[/b][/size]this was halfway through the game still going very well :)

[size="5"][b]Posted ImageUploaded with ImageShack.us[/b][/size]

this is when i just had 4 troops left poor me

[size="5"][b]Posted ImageUploaded with ImageShack.us[/b][/size]crazy beat me noooooooooo ok next hame was me and tomba [size="5"][b]Posted ImageUploaded with ImageShack.us[/b][/size]start of game [size="5"][b]Posted ImageUploaded with ImageShack.us[/b][/size] down to 4 troops again not good [size="5"][b]Posted ImageUploaded with ImageShack.us[/b][/size] tomba beat me

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doesnt matter if u suk taking part in the event that counts we had fun even tho i got owned at it thats what i said tomba wanted to do it again but it took so long and was late for me so will plan it again some time

Grats. A very constructive comment.Wish i could have come and put my 2017 rating to the test.
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