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I accidentally deleted some (apparently) important files while editing things in FTP. Note: when using ctrl+ to select multiple files, make sure a directory isn't also selected way up on the list out of your view. The board was originally offline, but I decided to just turn it back on since everything is still technically usable. Right now I'm working on getting a back-up of the affected directory restored; if this works, things will return to normal. Otherwise I'm just going to upgrade from our current version - 3.1.4 - to 3.2.2, which will also solve the problem. The thing is, if we upgrade, we're going to lose all of our custom modifications, skins, images, etc so the look will be pretty bland for awhile.Either way, it should all work again by tonight. If not, sometime tomorrow at the latest (barring implosion).

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Maybe an upgrade wouldn't be so bad, I mean, sure, we lose the custom stuff, but there's surely a nice skin out there and we can work from there.Otherwise, if you can restore the directory, it will obviously be fine, but spending too much time like this might cause activity to decrease, maybe.

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