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Lack of space for Forum buttons ect?


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Okay, your screen is about 2/3 the size of mine, so what everything is developed on is definitely different so I'm glad you posted this.

Posted Image

That's what it should look like.

Now, there's not really any way to fix your issue without removing some things. For the drop-down menus, I could rename them so that "Community Events" would be "Events," but then it would look weird and wasteful to those with larger screens. Maybe I'll try to get them set as a fixed width, and then have 4 menu options instead of three, so there can just be two even rows for you. I'm also working on centering them, but it's a complex issue involving CSS and Javascript, and early "LOL may b dis will work?" hasn't been promising. Might just have to totally change it.

The navigation bar on the very top of the page would just have to have some things taken off, but the only one that's really useless right now is "Portal."

The side-bar things don't really have a fix.

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