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Deployment OEF 11-12

Posted by Blue speed, 10 June 2012 · 16,026 views

Ah yes deployment. Something that most people in the united states can't say they've done. Anywho I've had a few close calls in that horrible place, let me list a few dates. I can talk alot of shit about that place but I'll keep most of it short haha.

February 2011 - I'd say around the 20th is when I first got shot at needless to say I almost shit brix when a round flew past my head lol.

March 2011 - Appendix acting up, I tend to just fight through the pain and keep going.

April 2011 - First IED found, scary stuff as I found it with a minesweeper.

May 2011 - Lost 6 of our guys. Helicopter crashed, austrialian pilot died. (Side note we were supposed to get on said helicopter; longest mission May 27th-28th 40+ hours)

June 2011 - BP Osman established, start having weekly rotations out to a sand hunt. (If you knew me you know what I'm talking about)

July 2011 - Can't really recall anything..(A few helicopter recoveries)

August 2011 - More IEDs found throughout this month.

September 2011 - Came back from a rotation at BP osman. My body goes limp and I crawl up in a ball for hours. Someone finds me and they send me on a helicopter out of there to go through surgery. Lost mah appendix, doctor told me I would have been killed in a few hours.

October 2011 - One month after my surgery I am mission ready again. Come to find out that another soldier died. He was an american soldier but he was still a good guy. IED goes off within 35m of me when I was using the minesweeper. The charge didn't go off so I'm still here.

December 2011 - Missions start dying down.

January 2012 - Happy birthday to me. Go out to a village with the minesweeper and this other device I can't mention. Said device goes off notifying me that there is a huge threat in the area. We leave asap and they start shooting us lol

February 2012 - FInal mission escorting the guys replacing us to the village last week. Everythings calm nothing bad happened.

February 12 - Returned to the us.

There is so much more I can add to this but I can't re-call most of it or I mentally blocked it. Because we did well over 100 missions..


Interesting read, you've certainly done a great thing in your life that few others have. I know I personally could never do something like that, so thankfully there are people like you out there.
Very interesting, thank you so much for your service.
Very nice read. I forget you are out there doing stuff. Good luck and thanks.
Rather interesting and enjoyable read. I wish I could do something that honorable, but people with Asperger's Syndrome aren't allowed to join the military.
very outstanding thing to do (serve your country). I may not be americian, but you should be proud of what you've done


No i'm an infantry man. I just had the luck of being chosen as the guy with the minesweeper. EOD would blow it up lol
ah heard... when you enlist?
Not American - but you should be proud bro, I know a lot of us aren't as brave to serve your country like that.
Thank you for your service; We are all so proud & happy you are still here with us<3
Sigh. I just found this and had a good laugh. You would explain narrowly dying as light hearted as you did.
Glad to see you back man, need to actually catch up sometime.

Zombie-Wall-e ftw.

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