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Hearthfire - Where and How to Buy Property

  • Now that Hearthfire is out, it's time to get busy with construction and land ownership!

Well, it's September 4th and Heathfire is out on the 360! Since the game launched, the site has been hammered with search queries of people searching for information on how they can buy and acquire their own land and property.

Purchasing Land

You are able to buy property in the holds of Hjaalmarch, Falkreath, and The Pale. As you can imagine, this means there are three plots of land that you are able to purchase in Hearthfire.

If you are a thane in any of the previously mentioned holds, you just need to visit the Jarl and/or Steward to purchase the land. Otherwise, a courier will deliver a letter from the Holds' Jarl asking you to visit. You do not need to be a Thane to purchase land, although you may have to do a radiant quest.

Now that you know how you can purchase land, lets take a look at what each plot includes and specific purchasing details.

The Pale

Selling NPCs: Jarl Skald

NPC Location: Dawnstar's White Hall.

Notes: Your new home will by named Heljarchen Hall (located south of Fort Dunstad). You will also receive a housecarl named Gregor.

Price: 5,000 Gold

Falkreath Hold

Selling NPCs: Nenya or Tekla

NPC Location: Jarl’s Longhouse in Falkreath

Notes: The Falkreath residence is named Lakeview Manor and is located East of the city. Don't worry, lake front property doesn't cost you anything extra; it still goes for...

Price: 5,000 Gold


Selling NPCs: Aslfur or Sorli the Builder

NPC Location: Morthal

Notes: Talk to the steward about purchasing a home. He'll say none are available, and instead offer to sell you land. Your estate will be named Windstad Manor, and be located near the Abandoned Shack.

Price: 5,000 Gold

Well, that's about it! Leave your thoughts and Hearthfire experiences in the comments below!

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alright, I can say from experience that each land is as stated, 5k. you'll need (to finish a house) roughly 5k sawn logs with can only be bought in increments of 20 at 200 a bundle. this is technically the only thing you'll need to buy as far as "building specific material" is concerned. the last beast you need is Iron, lots and lots of Iron ingots. to fully finish a house will probably require around 100+ bars if not more.overall for a non-combat oriented DLC i love it, because you now get to have about 10-50 empty storage containers in a single house.

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Just got the DLC and how that I've got some houses it is awesome. Unfortunately (at least for me) it takes me a long time to find the land locations since nothing shows up like a marker. After a LOT of searching I did find an actual MAP online which shows the exact location of the land and what is near it by name. The map I located is the one for the land you can purchase from the Jarl in Dawnstar. I'm still looking for other maps like this one and I'll put those up as well if there are any out there.

Here's the Dawnstar land location where you can build a house after you purchase the land from the Jarl - www.virtualsecrets.com/misc_imgs/skyim-hearthfire-dawnstar-land-house-location.jpg

Here's the pic of it -

Posted Image

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Hey there. I've found it really easy to get the piece of land from the Jarl of Falkreath, but I'm battling to get the others, and can't even seem to get the Vanilla houses in Skyrim. Is it level specific or somehow attached to the quests you do in the different regions of Skyrim?

Level 45 Nord.

Skyrim PC version: 1.9.2 patch, Hearthfires, Dawngaurd, Dragonborne loaded. And a few mods through NMM (Although nothing which adds homes and nonsense like that)

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PharCyde, you have to assist the Jarl of the hold you want to purchase land from (by doing one of their quests), speak to the jarl, and buy the house. If you want to purchase one of the building sites, you just have to ask to buy a house, and then they'll say they have property, but no house, and there you go.

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