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well hello fellow clan mates this is 2n4asty4u i am a 13 yr old male from australia some of my hobbies include surfing(like at the beach) reading and video games some of my fav video games other then runescape are minecraft, terrarria and batman arkham asylum. my facourite food is spaggetti and meat balls and my favourite dessert is chochlate self suacing ( please exuse my spelling and grammar) my favourite coulour is lime/fluro green.now my rs history i started in 2005 yeah i wa 8 or 9 then one of my friends intoduced me he was like lvl 23 then and to my knowledge only like lvl 29 now but the account i started then is not the account i play now i got my first account to lvl 111 just last year and decided i was bored and i would have some fun making a zerker so i traded 5mill cash and some runes over to a lvl 3 account "2n4asty4u" and then quit for quite some time untill 3days ago i started agian and have continued to make 2n4asty4u a zerker.so there thats my intro hope it gave you a brief view of me and hope to chat to you in game soon.

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