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How to make 500k in a week with little to no work.


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Just a way to make money if you didn't know. All it requires is some patience (as there is a 5k buying limit for every 4 hours. 30k tickets per day.) You buy as many archery tickets as you want from the GE, and when you're ready to cash out, you go to the Ranging Guild and buy Rune Arrows. They sell 50 Rune Arrows for 1020 Tickets. As you can see below, I recently did this, and made roughly 500k, for almost no work from me. While it took me roughly 8 Days to get this many tickets, and only a 500k profit, you got to remember, it only takes 5 minutes worth of "work" to earn this money, and the only thing you suffer, is one less Exchange box to work with for a week. Only requirement for this method is 40 Ranged and a Members Account. Not an amazing tip, but I'm sure somebody will take advantage of it.

Edit: Sorry about how bad the pictures came out. Will not fix, sorry :/

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Another tip for another 500-1mil a week at less then 30minutes work a day:

If you have any lend able iteam you don't use very often, lend it out for a decent amount like 100k 24hrs or something. I do this everyday with my dragon claws when I go chinning/fletching/dueling/anything that I don't use claws for, and I've made 2mil in about 2 weeks, by just taking 30minutes or less outta my day trying to lend out claws 200k/150k-24hrs at duel arena or G.E. If it doesn't work out in 30minutes it's fine, try again tomorrow or keep trying. If you do mine and his method that's 1.5mil-2.5mil a week, of less than 1 hour a day.Posted Image How do you think rich people become rich? Now go become rich in pixels

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