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Well helloooo beautiful :D


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Hia, first things first my names Brad, so feel free to call me that whilst im on rs :) if you can remember my rs name which is... Dudey Lucky, I dont like this name so will soon be changing it "/

okay well the basics are over, little about me irl now. I'm 18 from the UK in Lincolnshire, I live with my girlfriend in a house with no mortgage, we got extremely lucky :(

I work full time as an engineer and left school when I was 16 :)

I am also a massive FPS fan on the xbox, play COD and Gears religously :)

anything you want to know just ask.

My RS career, well I started in 2006, then discovered clans in 2007, so joined my first clan called Zdzira (which meant prostitute in polish i think :)) I was with them for about a year, then wanted to get more into Competitive Clan Wars. So I joined Legendz, had a great time with them then 2 of the leaders and 2 of my good friends within the clan decided to split and make a new clan, that was after I was with them for 1 year, but I still stayed for another year.

I stopped playing RS in 2009 for a long time and have only recently started playing it again :)

again anything else just ask :)

Why am i here? I'm here to meet some ace people and have a laugh basically :)

Ok thankyou for reading and please say hi :)

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