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Forums Signature?


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Any specifications?

Type of Image / Size: width:400 pixels height:100 pixels or about that size

Image: Anything that looks good, maybe tribal Capricorn sign in the background

Main Text: Bloodline KO

Subtext (if any): none

TRR Logo (yes/no): if you can make it work

Additional Comments: maybe blood on the letters? like blood drops or something i dont know

Most Recent Past Request:

I would really appreciate you giving it a go :)

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yeah, i'll do it asap, ive been majorly inactive recently though...guess forumming isnt my main priority at this point of my life. sorry all! i will get it done eventuallllyyyyyedit: I have written it onto a post-it and stuck it on my board! i will constantly be reminded of your request :) :D

Thank you! I very much appreciate that :) and take your time no rush :)
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