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31-Aug-2011 - The Branches of Darkmeyer


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Dark, feral shapes have been seen stalking the outskirts of Burgh de Rott with terrible, unnatural swiftness, and rumours abound that Vanstrom Klause himself is at large once more. Veliaf and the rest of the Myreque have taken note of these ill signs and fear an imminent attack. Safalaan has been pre-occupied of late and, outnumbered and ill-equipped as they are, the Myreque must turn to you for assistance once again.

To do this, you must enter the baroque streets of Darkmeyer; the vampyre city. With help from an unexpected source, you must infiltrate the upper echelons of vampyric society to locate the last remaining blisterwood tree, which lies heavily guarded in the city’s dark heart and whose branches are the bane of even the most powerful Vyrewatch.

Once you have done so, you’ll be able to create weapons that will end this looming threat before all is lost, and will put the Myreque in a better position to end their war once and for all. You may defeat the foe that lurks in the shadows, and the rewards may be great, including experience tomes, new weapons and an item that teleports its bearer to the Barrows, among other places, but will the end really justify the means?

How to start

Speak to Veliaf in Burgh de Rott.


[*]Legacy of Seergaze

[*]Legends' Quest

[*]76 Woodcutting

[*]70 Fletching

[*]70 Magic

[*]67 Slayer

[*]64 Crafting

[*]63 Agility

[*]63 Farming

Mod Ana

In other news...

[*]The silver sickle (both ordinary and blessed), the Rod of Ivandis and the Ivandis Flail have been improved to make them more effective against vampyres.

[*]You’ll notice new atmospheric sounds as you descend into many of the major dungeon networks, particularly those beneath Edgeville, Lumbridge and Varrock. Listen out for burning torches, flowing water, dripping stalactites and ambient sounds that develop as you delve deeper.

[*]For the first time, we're releasing a walkthrough for today's quest. This will be available the day after the release at the bottom of the quest page.

[*]The list of spells available through the Borrowed Power spell now includes the following: High Alchemy, Bones to Peaches, Teleport to House, Vulnerability, and Magic Dart.

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