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Community Clan Summit


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3rd September

[P2P]Rouge's den skilling hour


Rouges den in burthrope(under the pub)


You can use combat bracelet to teleport to the warriors guild and walk from there


Saturday 3rd September

GMT -8/US Pacific: 1pm

GMT -5/US Eastern: 4pm

GMT +0 /UK: 9pm

GMT +10/Brisbane: 7am

What to bring:

Anything you need for skilling eg. logs,tinderbox,knife

[P2P]Vine Sweeper:


Saturday 3rd September

GMT -8/US Pacific: 3pm

GMT -5/US Eastern: 6pm

GMT +0 /UK: 11pm

GMT +10/Brisbane: 9am


We will all (hopefully), meet at a designated Leprichaun and use his teleport to go to the activity site.


Once we're all there, we will just start playing Vine Sweeper. There is a guide on RSWiki about VineSweeper, please read up on it .

What to Bring:

A spade, at least one flag (you are given 10 flags for free at the beginning), and some money (I would bring 10-20k just to be on the safe side).

[P2P]Castle Wars


Saturday, 3rd September

GMT -8/US Pacific: 6pm

GMT -5/US Eastern: 9pm

GMT +0 /UK: 2am

GMT +10/Brisbane: Midday


World 88, Castle Wars (Use Ring of Dueling to teleport there).


Meet world 88 Castle wars. If enough of us turn up, we can have an SST only round. If not, we can hop to an official Castle Wars world (Such as 24) and play all on one team, which can be equally as fun.

What to bring

Best Combat Items! Magic/Melee/Range gear needed. No helms or capes allowed within the Castle Wars arena. No non combat items except for runes allowed inside the Castle Wars arena.

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