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Follower Bugs (360)

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so i'm trying to do the main quest and ive done almost all the side quest,and i want to make all of my housecarl's be part of the blades!! But whats happening is that " i already have a follower" i have no idea who it is really...ive waited for 3 days slept for 3 days and nothing!The only person who i can think of really Vikas! i was trying to do the purity quest for him fast travelled to Ysgramor and he was gone!shows the quest was complete but nothing was done so it's not complete? so i'm guessing thats my problem... if not and there is a way to fix this please tell! p.s ive done the daark brotherhood stuff and im just doing quest for the old dead womanso i don't know if DethDevice can be done??


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There is a known bug involving the Purity quest. Do you have any saves before the quest?

Before trying the steps below I'd first attempt to fast travel as that generally resets the followers. Vilkus may still be at Whiterun or Ysgramor's Tomb; have you looked there for him?

You could also try going through the quest normally without Vilkus as if it wasn't completed; some people have claimed to be able to activate the flame without him and finish it normally.

Sorry of the following doesn't make any sense, this is as specific as I can be with the details provided. This hasn't ever actually happened to me, but these are notes others have made on this issue involving bypassing the part where the glitch can occurr:

    [*]One way to bypass this and cure yourself of lycanthropy is to have in your inventory two witch's heads and save the game before you hand over each Companion mission. When you ask for a new job and Vilkas asks you to cure him, reload your last save, but rather than reporting the mission as complete as you did before, ask Vilkas to join you.
    [*]Fast travel with him to Ysgramor's tomb and go inside. Speak to Vilkas and tell him you're parting ways.
    [*]While still in the tomb, speak to him again and tell him you've finished the last mission. Ask him for more work and accept to cure his lycanthropy. He will then follow you to the font where you can throw in the witch's head and fight his wolf spirit.
    [*]The game then asks you to talk to Vilkas, but no option which can progress the mission appears, and the quest will appear in the 'completed quest' list.
    [*]You can, however, purify yourself once this has happened by throwing another witch's head into the font and fighting your own wolf spirit.
    [*]Be aware that the game still thinks Vilkas is a follower, so you will be unable to have a genuine follower once you have done this.
    [/list]Let us know if it gets figured out. If not, we'll try something else. You can reply to your topic in the "Reply to this Topic" field slightly above the very bottom of this page.


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Yeah some people have been having problems with this quest. Sadly, I don't have a surefire fix, but I do have a suggestion.Try going to Farkas, another werewolf of The Companions, and offer to cure him. Maybe accepting his quest will make Vilkas go back to Whiterun. If this works, just make sure Farkas is following you the whole way to Ysgramor.Thanks for the question. Sorry I couldn't of been as much help as I liked. Please respond if this actually worked.


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But i can't ask Vikas to follow me becasue he says i already have a follower...is it not him then??and if not how do i find me unknown follower??



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If Vilkus hasn't disappeared, you're correct, it might not be him. How long have you waited? If companions get stuck - or if you tell them to wait - they're SUPPOSED to eventually go home; you will get a message saying something like this after awhile.

    [*]See if you've completed Proving Honor or not; it may be Farkus as this is known to happen with him too.
    [*]If you start a new quest that requires a follower, theoretically it will force whoever is currently following to stop, and replace them with the new companion.


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I had a problem like that too my dog companion died and all the other followers kept saying i already have a follower what should i do

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