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Hey, this isn't a full absence but just an absence from Runescape. For everyone who knows my account, it was RGuides11 it's not xStewy.

I intend to still be active on the forums here, not to worry.

I don't have much time to play games as often as I would like because of a few things:

School. I've got some exams in 7 weeks so I've decided that I need to focus alot on studying/ revising to maintain my high standards :P

Photoshop. I do requests and tutorials or random signatures quite often, I spend most of my time in the Media section. I want to get better at Photoshop because I'm far from a Pro so I will need to make time for it.

Mandarin Chinese. Yes, I'm attempting to learn at least understand the basics of the language, i think it'd be a better qualification for unversities etc than french if i can at least have a GCSE qualification in it. I'm starting off with BBC Active course.

Sports + Fitness . Well, I have my rugby and basketball and maybe even hockey. Rugby is after school three or four times a week ( I play for a local club also) Fitness, running, weights etc.

I'll probably play more on the weekends, but just letting you know If sometimes I don't play or I'm not on the forum.



P.S. I'll still be active here!

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