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The Offical "So, i herd u pl4y LoL?" Topic

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I know League of Legends is a semi-popular game around here, so rather than figure out who plays, feel free to include your summoner name, favorite champ/position, server, and whater you see fit.


Who knows? Maybe playing League together will be a common occurence. Or maybe we'll realize how bad Saucy is at Cho'gath and we'll never talk to each other again.


Summoner name: Blexun

Server: 'Murica

Usual Positions: Support>Top>Mid

Usual Champions: Leona, Thresh, Twisted Fate, Singed, Yorick, Kassadin, Kha'Zix, Fiddlesticks

Most Hated Champions: Lux and Nami supports

Champions that give me cancer: Teemo


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Re-opened because a couple people told me 6 hours wasn't long enough.



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Summoner name: NoobSaucseServer: North AmericaUsual Positions: Top>Mid>Bottom>JunlgeUsual Champions: Cho, Kayle, Ryze, Brand, Veigar, YiMost Hated Champions: Teemo, BlitzChampions that give me cancer: Nidalee



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Server: EUW

Sum Name: Special Kay

Position: adc > top > mid

Champs: Depends on the match up...

Champs for the cancerous region: fkn Teemo



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Summoner name: Swafffffle,

Usual Positions: Not Support,

Usual Champions:Singed, Varus, Elise, Tryn, Eve, Udyr, Kog, Graves, Lux, Ahri, Ori, anyone that i feel like to be prefectly frank,

Most Hated Champions: Fed ones,

Champions that give me cancer: Ones that my premade botlanes feed,

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