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Who is your TRR legend?!

T ranger101

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Okay. My legit top 10 members of all time, and only the ones that I like

10. Blue Speed-Was good for a chuckle every now and then9. Isaiah-Probably most negative impact on me8. David-I love Big Brother 7. Liono-He is hilarious. Hate to see him gone6. Wilson-Very nice guy. Too bad he got a job and moved on5. Cheekychips-Nice guy and easy to relate to4. Illini-Good mixture of srs bsns and lul3. Henry-2nd most negative impact on me2. MstrMonopoly-This is just to make you feel guilty, bitch1. Nuggeh-Best e-friend. I would of left Runescape/TRR a long time ago if it wasn't for him. R.I.P Nuggeh =/

And the ones that are just legendary for being lulzy.

7. Ear6. Jakerout5. Kelsey4. Cristine3. Caspen2. Jeremy1. Nelson

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